Kenai Sockeye

Kenai Fishing

Kenai fishing for sockeye is one of the most exhilarating angling experiences in Alaska.

Sockeye season is the most abundant and longest part of the Kenai fishing season. There are many options when booking your trip. Whether you’re an early riser or not, we typically offer two trips a day to chase these underrated fish.

Experience the Thrill: Kenai Fishing Day Trips for Anglers of All Levels!

A typical day begins by “suiting up for battle,” as I like to say. We will show you the proper way to put on fishing waders and boots. You’ll need them since we will be fishing from the shore and standing in the river. Once we are all dressed and ready, we’ll board a drift boat or power boat for a short ride up or down the river. I call this the morning commute. You’ll be comfortably sipping your coffee while traveling the glacial waters of the Kenai or Kasilof. Have your camera ready as you never know when a moose may cross the river or a majestic bald eagle will swoop the river surface in search of an easy meal. 

Before you know it, we’ve arrived at one of our favorite gravel bars. We help you disembark and start handing out your rods for your upcoming battle. 
If you can imagine the perfect Kenai fishing scene during your Alaska trip. Sockeye salmon (reds) go berserk once hooked, jumping and thrashing as hard as any other Alaska salmon. These fish are pound for pound the toughest in Alaska.You will soon grasp exactly what I’m describing. After a short coaching session you’ll start landing these feisty reds. Sockeye fishing is a very hands-on sport, so it’s key to follow what the guide is teaching you.

Kenai Fishing
Kenai Fishing

Whether Seasoned or New, Our Guides Ensure Sockeye Success


Sockeye fight so hard you sometimes hook several fish before bringing one to the net. It’s a testament to their strength and will to make it up river to spawn. Many times, it’s a race to the finish to garner bragging rights as the first angler to “limit out” over the rest of the group. Sockeye are abundant. Last year ADF&G raised the limit partially through the season to six per angler per day. The fun is nonstop and it’s one of the easiest styles of Kenai fishing to learn in one day. You’ll be feeling like a professional angler after just a few hours on the river.

By the time your arm is burning from all the fish fighting, we’ll be ready for a group shot of your catch. Sockeye salmon make some of the best table fare. You’ll be thrilled to have fresh Alaska salmon fillets to enjoy all winter long. These trips are often one of the best ways to connect with the river. Locals and visitors alike all love sockeye. Reach out to Sean to book your trip.