Kenai Rainbow Trout

Alaska trout fishing

Reeling in Trophy-Sized Fish in Stunning Scenery

Alaska trout fishing offers anglers the chance to reel in trophy-sized rainbows amidst stunning scenery. Whether you want to fish for trout during summer or fall—‚we have you covered. Fishing the Kenai River for trout any day of the week can yield great results. While there are peak times, rest assured that every day on the Kenai River offers the chance to land a trophy trout or set a new personal best!

My trusted guides and I are obsessed with trout fishing. We eat, breath and sleep trout on most days. Depending on the part of the season we are fishing as well as your skill set and interests, you could choose to fish with a few different styles. Fly fishing with a strike indicator or using a spinning rod with a bobber are the two preferred methods most times of the year. These methods allow us to cover a lot of river, searching for the big ones. During summer Kenai trout voraciously consume loose salmon eggs and flesh, benefiting from the abundance of salmon in the river. We will set you up with the perfect bead or flesh fly to imitate exactly what may be floating down the river.

Mastering the Art of the Drift: Alaska Trout Fishing

Alaska trout fishing

It’s all about the drift! This is not A River Runs Through It so you won’t need to cast like Brad Pitt. We’ll start the day running up or down the river in a 20-foot power boat with plenty of space to set up your cast. We usually limit three anglers or fewer to our trout fishing boats to ensure the best experience.

Just watch that bobber closely! It could go down at any moment and you won’t know how big the fish is until you set the hook. Alaska trout fishing isn’t like much trout fishing in the lower 48. At times, keeping your eye on your bobber floating on the Kenai can be challenging due to all its beautiful distractions. Your guide will be watching your bobber like a hawk and maneuvering the boat to extend your drift through prime trout holding water. We excel as river coaches, ensuring your drift is solid at all times. We are here to provide friendly advice along the way.

Alaska trout fishing


Once you’ve hooked a trophy Kenai Rainbow get ready as these larger fish will take line and sometimes run under the boat. As mentioned, Alaska trout fishing isn’t like much trout fishing elsewhere. Surviving the initial fight and maintaining tension on your fish is crucial for a successful landing in the net. We usually exchange high fives as we keep the fish wet, calm our nerves, and prepare for a stunning photo. Floating the Kenai for trophy trout promises the most enjoyable fishing experience.