Kenai Coho Trips

Alaska salmon fishing

Alaska Salmon Fishing for Silvers: Early Morning Expeditions

Alaska salmon fishing for silvers is an exhilarating adventure that draws anglers from around the world. We target silvers, also known as Coho, from mid August forward. You can expect chilly or possibly damp conditions during silver salmon fishing season. We always starts early in the morning, so make sure you dress warm for these trips. The early morning bite can be fast and furious and well worth the early morning effort. We will make sure to bust out the coffee to keep you warm and ready to land some Alaska salmon.

Don’t worry about the weather though, it’s most likely to warm up as the day progresses. Starting early just means we’ll land a prime fishing spot! Alaska salmon fishing during this latter part of the season as autumn sets in reveals the true stunning beauty of fall in Alaska. Vibrant colored leaves contrast against the blue and green hues of the Kenai River to create a memorable backdrop for your day.

Getting Ready for Action


Once we anchor up the boat on the prime water it’s time for Alaska salmon fishing. Depending on the current regulations we may start by back bouncing eggs or trolling lures with sardines wrapped on them. This can be the most fun fishing. You’ll have to hold off on setting the hook quite yet; silver salmon can be so aggressive that they might not have fully grabbed it yet. You are likely to hear me say one of two things while we are silver fishing. It will be “Grab that rod,” if we are fishing with lures or “Up, up, up, reel, reel,” if we’re bouncing eggs.

Silvers are a local anglers’ and guides’ favorite, offering a multitude of fishing style options due to their aggressive nature. I’ll deploy all the necessary tactics, such as disconnecting from anchor and floating down towards the fish. If we were to sit on anchor, coho would thrash until they spit the hook. It’s all about maximizing your opportunity.

Alaska salmon fishing
Alaska salmon fishing

Diverse Fishing Styles: Tailored to Your Preference

Do you prefer casting more than the styles mentioned above? You’re in luck! Silvers will also chase down spoons, spinners, jigs, even stripped flies. If this is more your style, we can spend the morning casting to silvers until your heart’s content. This style of Alaska salmon fishing can be very rewarding and at times similar to fishing from a flats boat in the Keys. It’s your trip. If you’re flexible we will change it up for what is working best. I look forward to guiding you for coho this season!